Justice and Innovator Events

30th September 2021


5:30 p.m - 7:00 p.m EAT

Pitch Perfect 2

The Justice Innovation Circles Pitch Event is a quarterly regional event that showcases justice innovations at the incubation stage which are competing in the Incubation Pitch Event.

14th July 2021


6:00 p.m - 7:30p.m EAT

2021 Innovating Justice Kick-Off Event

The Kick-off Pitch Event is an annual regional event that seeks to showcase the justice innovators who have been shortlisted for 2021 Innovating Justice Challenge in East Africa.

17th June 2021


The Uganda Landlord & Tenant Row

What unfair practices do we experience in the relationship with our landlords or tenants that are illegal and how can we resolve this Uganda?

20th May 2021


Answering the Rwanda Land Dispute Question

How has Rwanda resolved land disputes and used innovation in legal aid for land problems?

6th May 2021


Ngao ya Mwajiriwa Dhidi ya Ukatili wa Mwajiri

Mwajiriwa ana haki gani katika ajira aliyoandikwa? 

22nd April 2021


The Innovation Engine

A discussion on regional hubs as they navigate the challenges of today, charting out the daring possibilities for tomorrow to catalyze and reshape East Africa into a formidable epicentre of innovation, enterprise and impact through knowledge sharing, community support and networking.

15th April 2021


Pitch Perfect

An event lined up for JIC participant to showcase their products or services by pitching to former HiiL Alumni justice innovators.

25th March 2021


Homemade Solutions to Homemade Problems

Addressing domestic violence in the context of Covid-19 and the place of innovative solutions.

18th March 2021


My dressing is not an invite

Tackling rape through innovation.

11th March 2021


Unmasking the “DEADBEAT” Parent

What makes a parent abandon their parental responsibilities and how can we reduce this problem?

25th February 2021


Be your Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper

How do we encourage locals to be involved in monitoring and initiating community-driven security through relevant government agencies?

18th February 2021


Whispers in the Corridors of Justice

How do we save ourselves from enforced disappearances, police brutality and witness threats?


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